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Foods that stain teeth

Eat a Rainbow that Doesn’t Stain your Teeth

Eating a variety of foods is important for your overall health but it is possible to minimize staining to your teeth at the same time! Have […]

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Keeping good brushing habits over March Break

A Holiday from School Does Not Mean a Holiday From Brushing!

Make sure the good habits don’t slide! It’s March break next week for most kids and I don’t know what happens at your house, but at […]

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Frequently asked question for dentist

Dental Q&A

We’ve been asked some questions by some of our patients that we thought we would share with you, in case you’ve been wondering the same things. […]

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Dental sealant

Should I get Dental Sealants for my Child?

You know you’ve seen them do it: your kids are brushing their teeth and doing a great job with the front teeth but when it comes […]

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