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adult wisdom teeth

40 Year Old Wisdom (Teeth)

  Why would someone have to have a wisdom tooth extracted when they are in their 40’s? If you are having oral health problems because of […]

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The good and bad on pacifiers

The Good and the Bad About Pacifiers

Is a pacifier really bad for my baby’s teeth or is the hype mado ado about nothing Whether you call it a paci, a dummy, a […]

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Teeth cleaning frequency

How Often do I Really Need to Have my Teeth Cleaned

Do I really need to have my teeth cleaned twice a year? Your dentist says yes. Your co-worker says no. Your insurance tends to agree with […]

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Acidic Foods and teeth

What’s The Deal With Acidic Foods

Does it really erode enamel and are there habits that can help prevent this? Yes and yes! Let’s expand on those answers a little and discuss […]

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