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Orion Dental - teeth whitening tips you can use everyday!

Teeth Whitening Tips You Can Use Every Day

Having white teeth and a bright smile can not only make you look good, but can be a great boost to your self-confidence. But with coffee, […]

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Orion Dental - how to deal with sensitive teeth

How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth

Do frosty summer drinks or hot winter tea leave you squirming with a sharp, quick tooth pain? Does a quick intake of cold air make one […]

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Orion Dental - understanding and dealing with dry mouth

Understanding and Dealing with Dry Mouth

Does your mouth or throat ever feel dry and irritable, to the point where you have difficulty talking, swallowing or eating? Do you wake up in […]

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Orion Dental - tips for choosing a new toothbrush for your mouth

Tips for Choosing a New Toothbrush for Your Mouth

Imagine this: you’re doing your grocery shopping, and one of the last items on your list is a new toothbrush, so you head on over to […]

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