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Three Dental Themed Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We’ve finally shaken the long tough winter that just never seemed to end!  The warm spring winds and the sunny days we’ve had recently mean that […]

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Enjoy baseball but protect your teeth this summer!

Enjoy Baseball but Protect Your Teeth This Summer

The smell of freshly cut grass, the crack of the bat hitting the ball, watching fielders settle under lazy fly balls: Spring is upon us once […]

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Keep the Easter Fun But Lose the Cavities!

“Moooom! Did YOU eat my chocolate bunny?” Have you ever heard this in your house? Easter has come and gone for another year and I’ll bet […]

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Implant solutions for Teeth replacement

A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges

A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges Jane Brody’s article in the New York Times linked here ( speaks to the idea about how much things […]

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