Our Green Office

We believe that to be a modern dental office we first need to be Green! Being Green is a part of how we must conduct ourselves to build a sustainable city and a sustainable country together.

In our offices we make an effort to recycle comprehensively. We introduced digital X-rays as soon as I acquired this practice reducing radiation to our patient, our team and our environment by 90% compared to the use of standard film.

We find that our patients love our email message confirmation system that saves paper and energy and makes for efficient communication.

We use an Amalgam Separator receptacle that allows us to capture the silver fillings when these old fillings are removed from patients’ teeth. These fillings are captured and separated by a receptacle and then removed in a special container preventing contamination of Toronto waters.

We have installed energy conserving window films that help us to also lower our heating and cooling requirements in our offices.

Our use of electronic insurance claims, and the use of as much email as possible to replace physical printed communication is a constant effort to try and cut the carbon footprint of our office.