Orthodontic Treatment

The benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults

Orthodontic treatments can be done at any age.

Dental experts recommend that every child should undergo an orthodontic screening the moment the first symptom of orthodontic issues are detected, usually around the age of 7 years.

At Orion Dental’s offices in Milton and Scarborough, thorough examination is performed so that it can be determined when it is best to start treatment.

Early assessment of a child’s dental condition is very crucial in orthodontics. This is because by the time a child is 7, the first adult molars begin to grow. This is when their back bite begins to be established, and an orthodontist can assess how side-to-side and front-to-back teeth relate.

For instance, the existence of growing incisors can be a sign of potential overbite, crowding, or gummy smiles. This is why it is important to create a treatment plan for your child before their jaw is fully developed, or they have had all their permanent teeth fully grown.

It will not only be helpful in saving time and money, but also enhance their self-confidence. Where there is no need for early orthodontic intervention, growth and development is carefully monitored and treatment initiated at the right time.

Early Dental Treatment

There are some children who can gain a lot from early orthodontic therapy when they are about 8 or 9 years old, followed by the next phase of treatment when they are between 11 and 12. Orthodontic treatment Dental rail

Early orthodontic treatment aims at correcting uneven growth of the jaws, as well as other bite problems that are developing. There are some cases where the orthodontist will be in a better position to attain outcomes that may otherwise be impossible after the face together with the jaws have completed their growth.

Children may benefit from this two-phased process. The following are some of the more prevalent conditions:

Crossbite, the place where the upper teeth close inside their lower counterparts

Serious crowding, a situation where the jaws are unable to accommodate the permanent teeth that are erupting owing to their small size

Serious under bite, a condition whereby the lower jaw grows bigger than its upper counterpart

Your family dentist at Orion Dental believes that everyone deserves straight teeth and attractive smiles.

If you feel your child can benefit from orthodontic treatment, don’t wait. Please contact us to book a consultation with your Milton Dentist at Orion Dental Milton 905-636-9770 or your Scarborough Dentist at Orion Dental Scarborough 416-291-0306. We will do a comprehensive evaluation, provide you with appropriate recommendations, and explain to you options available.


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