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Orion Dental - dental hygiene tips kids can use at school

Dental Hygiene Tips Kids Can Use at School

This morning, millions of parents kids strapped on their brand new backpacks, laced up their brand new shoes and headed back into the hallowed hallways of […]

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Orion Dental - is teeth whitening safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is becoming one of the most requested treatments at dentist offices across Canada, but as the popularity of the treatment continues to grow there […]

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Orion Dental - causes of and treatments for sensitive teeth

Causes of and Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain shooting through your teeth when you eat or drink something hot or cold? If you haven’t experienced this, consider […]

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Orion Dental - dentist approved back to school snacks

Dentist Approved Back to School Snacks!

Getting ready for back to school? Make sure your shopping list includes snacks that are good for your mouth too!   What to Get and Why […]

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