Dear Dr. Naqvi,


I’m not the easiest dental patient, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now. Anyone who has to have gas to have a cleaning, clearly has some issues with dentists!


I had been a patient of Paul Aquilina’s for over 35 years, so when he told me he had sold the practice, I was pretty leery of the new owner. I reluctantly decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did. You are a wonderful dentist and person! The upgrades to the equipment and technology have been amazing.


I’ve been sad to see Bev and Georgia leave, but you’ve built a good team, and I’m very comfortable with you and your staff. I believe I’m receiving superior dental care and appreciate your care and concern for your patients.


I have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my daughter. I wish you great success in your practice.


Ann J.


Dear Fahimay,


Just a short note to say how pleased I am with you as my “new” dentist.


When Paul retired, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a long-time patient (more than 20 years), I had concerns. You and Paul are as different as night and day, and I was very comfortable with him. I wasn’t looking forward to looking for a new dentist so, when Paul sold his practice to you, I decided to stay on, at least in the short term. In the car business, I think you would call the last few months a “test drive.”


A couple of teeth cleanings and three replaced fillings later, you’ve made it clear that my decision to stay was a good one. You’ve updated the office and dental technology quite nicely and have a great chairside presence, something that’s important when you’re dealing with devout dental cowards like me. I’ll never enjoy the needles and drills, but figure you make it as good as it gets. It’s been a pleasant surprise to find that my new dentist is not only a polished professional, but that she also has a good sense of humor and gentle touch.


I want to wish you every success. Should any of Paul’s former patients be wavering about staying versus moving on, please feel free to show them this note. I’m planning on being a patient for many years to come.


Warm regards,
Dick C.


Orion Dental,

I was a patient of Dr. Aquilina’s for over 30 years, and obviously, I was very happy with him as my dentist. When he dicded to retire I felt it was time to find a new dentist. I had recently movies to a small community about an hour’s drive East of the city. I believe people should suppor the community they live in, so I actively looked for a dentistin my area. I found two very nice dentists who were eager to help me.

I met Dr. Naqvi during the “takeover period” as Dr. Aquilina prepared to retire. I found Dr. Naqvi to be a very kind and gentle person with the most beautifully soothing voice and manner. I liked her immediately, but I wanted to support my local community and I disliked the hour drive to Scarborough.

I decided to let Dr. Naqvi finish some works started by Dr. Aqulina that I needed done. I was so impressed with Dr. Naqvi’s dental skills, knowledge, gentleness and helpful ways of her and her staff, I stayed a while longer….and longer.

So here I am today, doing a long drive I dislike, (did I mention the price of gas??) to see a dentist, I now feel I can not be without!

Dr. Naqvi has recntly done some cosmetic dentistry for me that in just a few visits, changed my appearance to give me a most beautiful smile. The quality of workmanship and caring from th Dr. and her staff is a very rewarding to see in the world of business today. I am pleased to see that Dr. Naqvi has opened a very impressive new office, so I know she will not be moving any time soon!

I would sincerely recommend any patients from the past, present or future to trust Dr. Naqvi and her Team of dental professionals with their oral health care. I am so glad I did….(did I tell you I hate the drive??!)

Kathleen Hounslow


Dear Dr Naqvi,

When Dr Aquilina retired and sold his Dental Practice to you, I had wanted to select a Dentist with a practice closer to my home. However, before I had time to do this, I was called in for my regular dental check up. I went with some reluctance and a high degree of trepidation, but primarily with the intention of arranging for a change of Dentist.

However, to my pleasant surprise, shortly after I arrived at the Clinic, I saw this calm, peaceful, confident and professionally dressed lady emerging from the treatment room with a welcoming smile and greeting me by name. I felt welcome, but cautious, mainly because I wanted to assess her skills as a Dentist.

When I was invited in the treatment room, my usual fear started to build up and my heart was pounding. Shortly after I sat in the chair, my physiology changed completely. I saw modern, state of the art equipment. I found a Dentist who was using the equipment with such skill, dexterity and sensitivity as if the equipment is an extension of her arm. I saw the dental assistant, Maria, in her supportive role, paying special attention to the sterility of the equipment. I felt comfortable and at ease.

Over a period of time, I realized that the administrative section of the office is fully computerized. No longer do I have to pay the dentist and then submit claim forms to my insurance company. When I am in the Dental chair, I can see on a screen, the X-rays of all the teeth in both my upper and lower jaws. This screen is used to explain the condition of my teeth and gums and to provide information on the required treatment. The layout of the clinic has also been modified into an open, bright and inviting place.

Dr Naqvi, you have an excellent chair side presence and you place great emphasis on the comfort of patients. You have the ability to be totally immersed on the treatment you are rendering, while communicating both verbally and nonverbally with the patient to get appropriate feedback.

You have been able to attract an outstanding Dental Hygienist, Stefka, whose chair side personality blends extremely well with yours and who compliments the services you render in the treatment room. Your secretary, Chelise, keeps the entire Dental Clinic working cohesively as a single unit. Undoubtedly, the Orion Dental Clinic has provided me with excellent and pain free dental service and I now look forward to my dental appointments.

Dr Naqvi, I want to thank you and your entire staff for this high quality dental service in which patients are given personalized attention, and I very strongly recommend the Orion Dental Clinic to all my relatives, friends and anyone who appreciate quality dental work.

Yours truly,
Narindra Dat.